People Pay

People Pay from FNBC Bank & Trust is a fast, safe way to send money to anyone. Whether you’re paying a baby sitter, reimbursing someone for a joint gift or simply sending someone money, People Pay is a great way to send money.


How it Works

People Pay is a new feature of our FNBC Bank & Trust Online and Mobile banking that allows you to send money to anyone.

It’s Fast:

Money is sent instantly with recipient’s contact information and payment amount.

It’s Convenient:

There are four easy ways to send a payment:

  • Deposit – enter the recipient’s banking information and you can deposit the money directly into their account.
  • PayPal - with a phone number or email address you can send money directly to their PayPal account.
  • Recipient Chooses – lets the recipient choose how they want to receive the money.
  • Check – if you know the recipient’s mailing address, you can mail a check immediately without the need of a stamp!

It’s Safe:

With People Pay, you never have to visit a third-party website. Everything you need to pay people is right here!


People Pay FAQs

What is People Pay? – People Pay is an online and mobile banking tool that will allow FNBC Bank and Trust customers to send payments to individuals using a recipient’s email address or mobile phone number. 

How does the service work? – Customers with a valid FNBC Bank and Trust consumer checking account can utilize the People Pay service through their current FNBC Bank and Trust Online Banking or Mobile Banking App. set up.  By utilizing their online banking credentials a customer can send money to a person’s email or mobile phone.  Once the money is sent the receiver will be able to log in to receive instructions on how they can claim the money.

Is the system secure? – The People Pay service works through secure sites and can only be accessed through your Online Banking credentials.

How can I sign up for using People Pay? – You can access the People Pay service through our Online Banking service or our Mobile Banking App. by choosing the appropriate Pay People/People Pay option to start the process.  There are terms and conditions that you must first agree to in order to utilize the service and once you do so you will be ready to start using the service. 

Can businesses use People Pay? - The People Pay service is only available to consumer customers of FNBC Bank and Trust.

How does the receiver get the funds? - If the sender chooses to send a payment using the recipient’s email or mobile number, the recipient will receive notification that you sent them money. In the email or text message that they receive, the recipient will be given a link to a secure site with instructions on how to claim their money.   The recipient will then follow the instructions to complete the process where they will be able to choose how they want to receive the funds, either by a deposit into their bank or PayPal account or they can elect to have a check mailed to them.

What if I send a payment to an incorrect mobile phone number or email address?You are responsible to ensure that all information is correct prior to sending a payment. If you find that you sent a payment to an incorrect number or email address and it’s unclaimed, you can cancel that payment within the People Pay system. 

Can I send the funds directly to a bank account? – Yes.  You can send funds directly to another account if you know the correct account and routing number for the recipient.  The payment will go out as an ACH transaction and it will take 1 – 2 business days for the funds to settle.

How long does it take to receive the money? – Payments are typically received within 1 – 2 business days depending on when the payment is authorized/claimed.  For payments that are sent via a check the timeframe to receive the funds will be extended due to normal US Postal Service processing. 

Are there limits as to how much money I can send? – Yes.  For electronic payments through People Pay there is a $1,500.00 per payment limit and a daily limit of $1,500.00.

Is there a cost for this service? – Currently the People Pay service is free of charge however, if you choose to send money directly to a PayPal account some fees may apply.  Standard data or message rates from your mobile carrier may also apply.

Can payments be made to someone outside of the U.S.? – Payments can only be made to individuals or business with a valid U.S. bank account.

Will the recipient be able to see my account information? – No.  Your bank information will not be shared nor will you be able to see the recipient’s banking information.

Can I cancel a payment? – Any unclaimed payments sent to a mobile number or email address can be cancelled through People Pay.  If they are not claimed within 10 days the payment will automatically expire.

How do I know if a payment has been claimed? – The payment status within the People Pay service will be updated once the payment has been claimed.