Customer Testimonials

WC Steve Schwarz 440x246

Steve Schwarz | Vice President | SS Schwarz Construction

“Character means a lot to me. The folks at FNBC Bank & Trust know all business is personal,” says Steve Schwarz, Vice President of Operations and Managing Partner of SS Schwarz Construction. “This is my family’s business and my family’s future.” Steve and his siblings are the second generation to manage the family business.

“Our business has grown and experienced a lot of change over the past 60 years, and FNBC has always been there for us. They keep us informed of new bank products and services that make life easier for us. We could grow to be 10 times our size and FNBC could always be able to fulfill our needs.”

“That’s why I bank with them for everything – personal accounts, business accounts, commercial loans, real estate loans. You name it, FNBC handles it for us.”

Brian Malone – President, Malone & Associates, Ltd.

MOK Mary & Jeff Maertin 440x246

Mary Maertin |  Maertin Heating & Cooling

Quality, safety and service are the keys to success at Maertin Heating & Cooling. Mary Maertin sets the bar on providing the best customer experience possible to commercial and residential clients throughout Mokena, Frankfort, New Lenox and surrounding communities.

“It all comes down to trust – our clients trust us because they know us. We are local, so we take client feedback seriously. You can see that in the work we do and the long-term relationships we have throughout the community.”

That same philosophy is what drew Mary to FNBC Bank & Trust. “When we opened the business in 1992, FNBC was just a natural fit. It’s convenient and I know everyone at the bank. I have direct access to decision makers, and I trust them. I see their commitment to the local business community every day through their customer service and their community service, and that’s rare among community banks today."

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Dan Kramer | Law Offices of Dan Kramer

The Law Office of Dan Kramer is a family business and a community business. For almost 40 years, Dan Kramer has lived in Yorkville, raising his family while providing legal services for commercial real estate development projects throughout the area.

Dan originally came to FNBC Bank & Trust because it was one of few local, community banks that understood the commercial development opportunities in Yorkville. “FNBC understands this community – you don’t get that with a big bank. And they are equipped to handle everything we throw at them – commercial financing, complex real estate deals, trust and investment management.”

It’s that type of partnership that Dan is relying on for the future of his business. “Everyone wants a face, a person they can rely on. With FNBC, we have a whole bank of financial experts we can rely on to get the job done for us and for our clients.”

YORK Stacy & Shane Skillin 440x246

Stacy & Shane Skillin | Mike's Auto Body

Taking ownership of long-established Mike’s Auto Body was the perfect business opportunity for Stacy and Shane Skillin. Their attention to detail on restoration and their commitment to customer and community service garnered Mike’s Auto Body official recognition as one of the best businesses in the Sandwich/Yorkville area.

Their service ethic and community investment is what brought them to FNBC Bank & Trust. “I knew about the bank through their involvement with local organizations. When we started planning for the acquisition of Mike’s Auto Body, they were the only bank that didn’t show up with a checklist of all the things we needed to do for them. Their complete focus was on what they could do for us.”

“The team at FNBC immediately understood us, related to our situation and offered solutions to make things easier for us. That level of service sets FNBC apart from every other bank.”