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Meet Our Team

We believe that open and honest communication between you and your financial advisor is crucial to successful family financial management. We work with you to accurately identify your current financial resources, current needs, goals for the future, and help you to create a realistic, straightforward investment strategy and have realistic expectations for how that strategy will work.

Investment Advisory Services

Successful financial management results from coordinating appropriate investment choices with tax planning, estate planning, spending needs, and risk control. We can help you communicate effectively with your entire team of advisors, such as your attorney, accountant, or insurance professional. As a bank committed to our community, we also believe that charitable giving can be an important part of successful financial management.

  • Prudent, unbiased investment guidance
  • Investment portfolio customized to your goals and objectives
  • Diversified asset allocation
  • Coordination with your overall financial plan
  • Ongoing communication

Please feel free to contact us to discuss how you might benefit from our Investment Management Services.

Modeled Portfolio 

This service is designed for investors who are in the wealth building phase of their financial lifecycle. FNBC Bank & Trust will help create a portfolio of highly rated, no-load mutual funds tailored to meet your specific investment objectives.


  • For investors in wealth building stage
  • Make an investment plan
  • Customized investments you help choose
  • Save for retirement
  • Manage an IRA rollover

Custody Services

If you still handle your own investment decisions or already have a trusted investment advisor, but want the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your investments are held at a strong, well-respected financial institution, you may wish to consider a Securities Custody Account at FNBC Bank & Trust.

We keep custody of your investments, collect income and maturities, account for stock splits and other capital changes, and hold all cash collected in an interest-bearing money market account pending your further direction. You receive monthly statements showing all transactions and all assets held.

All trades are executed only at your direction or at the direction of your designated investment advisor.


  • Income collection and trade settlement
  • Detailed account statements
  • Convenient annual income tax summary
  • Responsive service

Please feel free to contact us to discuss how you might benefit from our Custody Services.

Legal, investment and tax notice: This information is not intended to be and should not be treated as legal advice, investment advice or tax advice. You should under no circumstances rely upon this information as a substitute for obtaining specific legal or tax advice from your own legal or tax advisers.

FNBC Bank & Trust Wealth Management offers investment products that are not a deposit, not FDIC insured, not insured by any Federal Government Agency, not guaranteed by FNBC Bank & Trust, and may lose value.