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Our FNBC Bank & Trust Wealth Management team helps individuals, families, business owners, and non-profit organizations make better financial decisions.

Our mission is to grow and protect our clients’ wealth.

How We Started

FNBC Bank & Trust is a financial institution with an 80-plus-year history in the western suburbs of Chicago. Our owners live and invest in the communities we serve. 

FNBC Bank & Trust Wealth Management currently oversees over $1 billion in client assets. We serve as trustee, executor, guardian, investment manager, or custodian.

Our Business Model Is Different

Client fees are our only source of income. We avoid conflicts of interest by not accepting any compensation from any other source, such as from outside asset managers, in return for recommending their funds or products. We are available to our clients at key moments in their lives to help guide decision-making on important financial matters through our objective, professional insight. 

Our business is built on long-term client relationships based on mutual trust and respect.

Our Expertise

Our team of client advisors has decades of proven success and experience working with clients. Each advisor brings their own special area of expertise to our team-based approach. We operate as a boutique firm and complement our internal resources with carefully chosen business partners who provide global reach and depth. This ensures that our clients receive sophisticated solutions, and conveniently local and personal service.

We offer comprehensive services in these and other wealth management categories:

  • Personal trusts
  • Estate planning
  • Estate settlement
  • Guardianship services
  • Retirement planning
  • IRAs
  • Investment management
  • Custody services

Meet Our Team

How We Help Our Clients

Personal Trust Services 

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We act as trustee of trusts created by individuals for the benefit and protection of themselves, their families,  future generations, and for charitable purposes. We provide professional, unbiased administration of each trust. Our clients receive personal attention and a variety of lifestyle services, including expense management and professional advisor coordination. FNBC Bank & Trust Wealth Management can also serve as agent for individual trustees.

Estate Settlement Services

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We execute each estate with the utmost integrity. Our team can act as executor under your will or as trustee of your living trust. You can take comfort that upon your death, your wealth will be protected and transferred as you direct.

Guardianship Services

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Our team can serve as the court-appointed guardian in circumstances where a court-supervised guardianship is required to protect the interests of a disabled adult or a minor child. We provide the same personal service, expertise, and capabilities as when we act as trustee.

Individual Retirement Accounts

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Individual Retirement Accounts often make up a significant portion of our clients’ personal financial wealth, and they play a critical role in providing retirement income and security. We work with our clients to optimize IRA value by helping to manage three equally important areas — investment planning, timing of withdrawals, and beneficiary designations.

Investment Advisory Services

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At FNBC Bank & Trust, we understand that each client has their own unique needs and objectives, therefore we customize each client's portfolio to fit those needs. We construct our portfolios based upon our core investment principles:

Create Relationships. Our business is built on long-term client relationships. Our objective advice is tailored to individual client needs and is offered with the best interests of the client in mind.

Focus on Asset Allocation. We believe that a rational asset allocation recommendation, based on a thorough knowledge of our clients’ financial situations and goals, is the most important step toward helping them achieve their desired investment results.

Unbiased Perspective. We have no proprietary investment products to sell, nor do we have financial ties to any investment management or brokerage firms. Unlike most financial institutions and advisors, we avoid conflicts of interest by not accepting any compensation from any other source, such as from outside asset managers, in return for recommending their funds or products.  

We focus on utilizing low-cost, diversified index funds in combination with leading active managers when we believe they can add value. Individual stocks and bonds can also be part of a well-constructed portfolio based on client objectives.

Regular Consultation. Life is unpredictable. No matter how skillfully prepared, no plan turns out entirely as expected. We review each client's progress regularly so that plans can be adjusted in response to change.

Legal, investment and tax notice: This information is not intended to be and should not be treated as legal advice, investment advice or tax advice. You should under no circumstances rely upon this information as a substitute for obtaining specific legal or tax advice from your own legal or tax advisers.

FNBC Bank & Trust Wealth Management offers investment products that are not a deposit, not FDIC insured, not insured by any Federal Government Agency, not guaranteed by FNBC Bank & Trust, and may lose value.