Fraud & ID Theft Prevention

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At FNBC Bank & Trust, your security is a top priority. To help ensure your financial information stays safe, we have some helpful tips and resources for a more secure banking experience. Because the path to fraud prevention starts with well-informed consumers.

Fraud & ID Theft Tips

  • Protect your computer and your mobile device like you would your wallet or purse
  • Be alert to online impersonators and scam artists
  • Secure your social security number and only divulge with careful deliberation
  • Protect your online banking passwords, your debit card PIN, and any personal information
  • Review your statements and report any unauthorized transactions immediately
  • Use strong passwords and change them often
  • Please know that FNBC will never call or email you requesting your social security number or password
  • Keep your important papers secure, shred sensitive documents, be careful with your mail, and exercise caution with those with whom you entrust your information
  • For your further protection, FNBC has implemented Secure Email
    • If you plan to send us documents that contain account numbers or other private information, please contact a personal banker, lender, or trust officer in advance, so that an email can be sent via our secure encryption system
  • Please notify us if you will be traveling and plan to use your FNBC debit or credit card
  • If you call us, we may ask for some general information in order to identify and assist you 

Fraud & ID Theft Resources