Online Banking & Bill Pay

Find more time for yourself with just a few clicks. Online banking & bill pay allows you to access your accounts wherever there’s Wi-Fi, whenever you want — so you can use your lunch break to actually eat lunch. With email alerts and e-statements, you might as well be banking on autopilot. Manage your money more easily — sign up for online banking & bill pay today.


Online Banking

  • Free, secure, and easy-to-use for FNBC Bank & Trust customers
  • Manage a number of banking activities anytime, anywhere with internet access:
    • Access e-statements
    • Check balances
    • View up to 13 months of account history
    • Transfer funds between accounts
    • See images of paid checks
    • Download financial information to Quicken® or Money®
  • No software to install

Online Bill Pay

  • Pay one-time or recurring bills with ease:
    • Schedule payments in advance
    • Ensure payments are received on time
    • Have all payee information in one convenient place
    • Avoid paper clutter
    • More secure than paper billing
  • Make more time for yourself

Get Started

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Email Alerts

Avoid unwanted surprises. Email Alerts send important account information straight to your inbox the second something occurs. Get notified when transfers go through, or if your balance falls below a specific amount, set by you. Stay up-to-date on account activity — automatically — thanks to email alerts.


  • Alerts sent right to your inbox
  • Stay up to date on important account activity, including:
    • Balances falling below minimum requirements
    • Completed transfers
    • Completed deposits
    • Status of specific checks
    • Certificate of deposit maturity

Trade the paper clutter for easy electronic statements. We promise you won't miss that stack of unopened envelopes. Losing the paper trail also means gaining security. The less you leave for identity thieves, the better you can avoid being a victim of fraud. Save yourself ­— and the environment.


  • Save paper and save the environment
  • Fast, free, and easy alternative to paper statements
  • Easier to retrieve info when needed
  • Eliminate a paper trail
  • Reduce chances of fraud and identity theft
  • Arrive faster than paper statements
  • Simplify recordkeeping
  • Easily access past statements
  • Ability to download for permanent storage or print if needed
  • Receive email notice when new e-statement is ready

How to Sign Up

  • Log in to your Online Banking Account
  • Click on the Statements tab on the left-hand column
  • To change all of your accounts to e-statements, click on the box indicating you have read the terms and conditions and then click submit
  • Once you click submit you will see the confirmation screen showing the new delivery method for the statements of all of your accounts
  • Set-up is now complete — you will receive one more paper statement after which all further statements can be accessed by clicking on the Statements tab

What if you only want to change some accounts to e-statements?

If you wish to only activate e-statements for some of your accounts, on the set-up screen click on add online statements for individual accounts instead of submit. You can then select which account(s) will receive e-statements. Once an account is signed up for e-statements you will no longer receive a paper statement.


True convenience is just a few clicks away!